FAQs for Online Class

How do i join the online classes conducted by FIITJEE ?

Here is an online guide to help you with the same – Student Guide to Join FIITJEE Online Classes with Zoom

What if the student misses any class ?

Although it is not at all advisable to miss any class unless there is any unavoidable reason , you can see the recording of last 2-3 days by following the guide – Student’s Guide to FIITJEE VoD App

What if i have not received the Meeting ID & Password for an Online Class ?

The meeting ID is sent to your registered number through Whatsapp groups. Class 6th to 10th students can get the ID and Password by clicking on the same old link as before which gets updated on your class days . Students those who are not added to the whatsapp group can get in touch with the AO team or the concerned Admission personnel for guidance.

Do i need to login with the EMail ID & Password of ZOOM provided by you or can i use my personal login details for ZOOM ?

We have created unique Login credential for our students for seamless login and to identify each student and register their attendance. If you login through your personal ZOOM login credentials you will be first in the waiting room and then the attendance even might not be counted. So it is highly recommended to login through the credentials provided by FIITJEE.

How can we get access to FIITJEE’s Online study Material ?

Student’s with FIITJEE Tab can access it through the GRASP app(Earlier known as DIGIPACK app) on your tab.Those who do not have FIITJEE’s tab,follow the below link and download the App and install on your android phone/tab to access FIITJEE study materials :


You can also follow the full instruction as well as troubleshooting guide here

We have heard that ZOOM is not secure and can be a problem for us. How secure is ZOOM ?

There are a few points in which we are making our teaching learning process much more secure than what any 3rd party can provide:

1. We aren’t giving any personal information to Zoom. Neither the email id/phone number of student nor the parent. Not even for the teachers. That was the main reason we made dummy accounts for students while uploading their data to Zoom.
2. Even the video that is getting recorded on Zoom, we are transferring to our own server and deleting from Zoom. We will be launching our own video app to pull all videos from Zoom and sending to students and teachers via a secure app.

So we would say even though a lot of news people are able to find regarding security of Zoom, since there is no personal information provided to Zoom, we shouldn’t think towards that line. You can click here for more details